The USA’s first nation-wide T20 championship, featuring 24 of the best teams from across the country


Minor League Cricket is the only nation-wide T20 tournament in the US that is sanctioned by USA Cricket, and internationally recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Minor League Cricket will feature 24 city-based teams from across the US, filled with the top echelon of talent from across the country combined with three players of international repute in each team. In addition, Minor League Cricket forms a crucial pathway for all players to be selected in Major League Cricket starting in 2021. We know US cricket fans are hungry for high-quality cricket - regular season games will be live streamed, with the playoffs to be broadcast live into over 4 million homes courtesy of Willow TV.








National Champion


Minor League Cricket will be contested by 24 city-based teams across four conferences in 2020. The inaugural season of Minor League Cricket will begin on August 22, with a total of 155 games scheduled over 7 weeks. All roads lead to Morrisville on the first weekend of October, with the top team from each conference advancing to the National Finals at one of USA's premier venues to determine who will be crowned the inaugual Minor League Cricket champions.

western division

Western Conference Teams

Peninsula, East Bay, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego

Central Division

Central Conference Teams

Houston, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, St. Louis, Michigan

Eastern Division

Eastern Conference Teams

New York, New Jersey #1, New Jersey #2, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia

Southern Division

Southern Conference Teams

Atlanta #1, Atlanta #2, Morrisville, Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale

In line with the Minor League being the highest level national Twenty20 tournament in the US, each team will field an


that will be made up of a combination of the best US talent playing alongside international quality players.

The official Minor League 2020 selection policy mandates each teams roster to meet the requirements as indicated below.


players of internationally recognized quality; having represented their country at an international level, or competed in recognized international tournaments
(i.e. 1st Class or List A Cricket)


players based in the US, who are competing at the top
level in reputable state-based leagues


U21 players who have been identified through elite academies as the best upcoming talent in the US


Minor League Cricket will provide the best US-based players, and internationally recognized players, with the opportunity to bring their elite skill and talent to the national stage. If you have what it takes to compete at the highest level, register your interest by completing the registration form by July 22 to be considered in the 2020 Minor League Cricket Draft.

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League Phase
  • Regular season will run for 5 weeks commencing August 22
  • Each team will play 12 games against other teams within their conference
  • At the completion of the regular season, the top teams from each conference will compete in the Conference Finals
Playoff Phase

Eastern & Southern Conference

  • The top placed team at the end of the regular season will advance directly to the Conference Championship game
  • The second & third seeds will compete in the Conference Semi-Final for the remaining spot in the Conference Championship game
  • The winner of the Conference Championship will advance to the National Finals in Morrisville

Western & Central Conference

  • The top placed team from each sub-conference at the end of the regular season will play-off in a best of three match series to determine who will advance to the National Finals in Morrisville
  • Conference Champions will advance to the National Finals, currently scheduled to be held in Morrisville on the first weekend of October
  • The winner of the National Finals will be crowned the inaugural Minor League Champion in 2020

Have you got experience in running cricket matches in your local area? We want to hear from you. Register now to indicate your interest in being one of our Regional Gameday Coordinators who will assist in the delivery of the league.


Minor League Cricket will be governed by a select group of individuals from across the country, who are highly recognized and respected in the US cricketing community. The Minor League Cricket Governing Council will determine rules and regulations for the competition to ensure the tournament is run at the highest international standards, and matches are played, officiated and conducted with the highest degree of professionalism.

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