MLC Identifies Site in DC for Potential Stadium Development

March 23, 2021


Major League Cricket (MLC) has been working to identify sites across the country for the development of purpose-built cricket stadiums to build upon the recent infrastructure milestone of having secured a stadium in Dallas last year. While positive steps have been made on the West Coast, it has been on the East Coast in Washington DC, home to one of the founding MLC teams, where the excitement is building around a potential location for a new cricket stadium.

MLC is currently working with Maryland based investor Sanjay Govil; (Founder and Chairman of Infinite Computer Solutions and Founder & CEO of Zyter) the anchor investor of the Washington DC franchise., and local developers to explore promising sites for the DC stadium. This site would serve as the home base for the DC Franchise, as well as having the potential to be a part of a wider cricket facility that could house a Major League Cricket Youth Academy, an important pathway for the youth talent of DC to become Major League Cricket stars of the future. MLC is currently in the process of opening and acquiring three academies in the Virginia/Maryland area, each of which will provide elite youth players access to world-class training facilities and coaching methodologies, whilst also providing an entry point to all kids who want to pick up the sport of cricket.

A cricketing facility built to ICC standards will be a strong validation of the sizable and growing cricket community that already exists here. Cricket fans in DC, Virginia and Maryland will be thrilled to see one of the founding Major League Cricket franchises in the US located in this region. This strategic move will be beneficial for both the local economy and fan engagement and will have on inspiring impact on the local leagues and players by helping them reach the next level of their careers with a state-of-the-art facility and local training and coaching resources.

Sanjay Govil
Founder and Chairman of Infinite Computer Solutions and Founder & CEO of Zyter

This is obviously an incredibly exciting opportunity for Major League Cricket and cricket fans in DC. We have looked at the data and Washington DC stacks up as one of the strongest cricket markets in the country, and that is further demonstrated by the huge number of local leagues and players that exist there today. We would love to build a large-scale stadium here because everything tells us that it will get filled up every match.

William Swann
Vice President of Corporate Development at Major League Cricket

This progress represents another great step forward for cricket in the DC, Virginia and Maryland area, which is already home to former South African Test player Dane Piedt, who recently moved to the US to continue his professional career in Major and Minor League Cricket. Piedt has a wealth of cricketing experience and will play an invaluable role in mentoring and guiding upcoming young cricketers through his involvement in coaching at the three Academies MLC is opening in the Maryland and Virginia area. This represents a really exciting opportunity for aspiring cricketers to be coached by a world-class cricketer and will hopefully encourage more youngsters to get involved in training programs.

As well as playing host to a founding Major League Cricket franchise, the DC area is also home to the DC Hawks Minor League Cricket team. They will be in action this summer and will be competing against teams from all over the East Coast.

With a new stadium in the works and with access to world-class coaches, there has never been a more exciting time to be a cricket fan in the DC, Virginia and Maryland area.

Image courtesy – Getty Images