MLC Jr Championship Schedule Updated

August 4, 2021


MLC Academies successfully conducted their first national tournament during the Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta/Houston.

The MLC Jr. Points System ranked teams based on their performance and scheduled games between teams of similar levels. This points system will continue to rank teams throughout MLC Jr. Championship eventually picking the Champions across all age categories.

MLC Jr. Championship Structure

The MLC Academies Governance Council tweaked the schedule and structure for the entire year to improve thequality of games and player experience.

The Council decided to structure the tournament to include:

Three Group Stage Tournaments: A team has to play at least two tournaments to be considered for the next stage of the championship

Top 8 Championship: The goal of the Top 8 championship is to provide all teams an equal opportunity to get to the next level. This highly competitive stage of this tournament will see that half the teams will move forward towards winning the championship.

Top 4 Championship: The championship will be awarded to the winner of the Top 4 Championship in each age category.


Three Group Stage Tournaments

The Group Stage tournaments are invite-only tournaments that have been designed to be highly competitive in nature. Teams of similar levels play with each other in the tournament, making it challenging for all teams.

Each tournament has regular matches during the first three days, and the schedule of these matches is decided byMLC Jr Points System. The final day is the tournament positional game which is decided by the tournament points system.


Super 8 Championship

MLC Jr. Championship kicks into the next gear after the group stage tournaments. The top eight teams from each age category will be invited to the Super 8 Championship in Houston, TX conducted during the Thanksgiving holidays.

The Super 8 Championship will be 40 overs games. The goal of the Super 8 Championship would be to conduct highly competitive matches and give all eight teams the opportunity to make it to the Top 4 spots. These highly competitive games will be a test of both the physical and the mental skill levels of all eight teams.

Top 4 Championship

MLC Jr Championship Top 4 teams by each age category will compete for the ultimate prize, “Age CategoryChampions” in this final tournament of 2021.

“The level of excitement around the MLC Jr. Championship has been unprecedented. Hundreds of youth players are traveling across the country to play in these highly competitive tournaments. We are glad to have tweaked it to make it even more competitive for all the teams.”

Jagan Nemani

Championship Director, MLC Jr. Championship