MLC T20 Junior Tournament Provides Playing Opportunity to Youth

December 10, 2020



From July 10th 2021 to July 18th 2021, MLC will conduct T20 Jr. Tournament for U21 youth players in Bay Area, CA. This tournament will consist of six major league junior teams.

Youth cricketers from the academies associated with major league teams will get an opportunity to be part of the junior teams.

MLC 2021 plans for Youth

MLC T20 Jr. Tournament is set to provide great playing opportunity to youth cricketers. A T20 Jr. Tournament for U21 players and a year long championship for all age categories. MLC also plans to provide scholarships to talented youth cricketers.

At MLC, we are focused on providing youth cricketers with high-level competitive opportunities. Our T20 Jr. Tournament will be one such opportunity. Thanks to our strong network of academies, we have been able to schedule an year-long tournament that would provide enough playing opportunities to our youth cricketers. 

Jagan Nemani
Head, MLC Academies

Tournament Format

Round Robin Tournament format with IPL style playoffs. Every team plays one match a day

Time & Location

Tournament will be conducted on natural turf grounds in Bay Area, CA from July 10th to July 18th 2021

Live Streaming

Matches will be streamed live on YouTube and


Major League Cricket and its network of academies will be conducting invite-only competitive tournaments across the country throughout the year. All these tournaments will be tied together into a Jr. Championship format, ensuring that each participant gets more than one opportunity to win a national level championship.




The top two teams from the East and the West conferences will be invited to participate in Houston Finals.

The four teams will compete in a round-robin style first with the positional game being played on the 4th day.

The final winner of this tournament will be the 2021 MLC Jr. Champion

jr. championship point system

Eight tournaments organized during different times of the year and across different locations. Each tournament organizer has local control over the tournament including the number of games played in the tournament.

The challenge is to tie them together into one Jr. Championship. We have solved that using a Jr. Championship points system (borrowed from ICC World Test Championship Points System).

Each team will be awarded points for the matches they have won based on the number of matches played in the tournament. These points will be used to determine the team positions and semi-finalists for the championship.

Stay tuned for more information on the point systems and the rules for the Jr. Championship.

Organizing year-round tournaments for our youth and tying them up into one championship has been our goal for some time. We are glad to be executing that vision in 2021.

Sameer Mehta
Co-Founder, Major League Cricket